Eric Bolling’s Son Struggled With The Fired Fox News Host’s Sexual Harassment Scandal Just Before His Untimely Death

eric bolling jr cause of death unknown

The specifics surrounding Eric Chase Bolling, Jr.‘s untimely death are still a mystery.

As you’ve likely heard, over the weekend former Fox News personality Eric Bolling confirmed his 19-year-old son had passed away. While it was initially reported that the teenager died from a drug overdose, nothing official has been released regarding the cause of death.

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However, per TMZ, it’s said Eric Jr. died in his bed after suffering from “emotional torture” following his dad’s fall from grace. In case you forgot, Eric Sr. was ousted from Fox News due to a controversial sexual harassment investigation. It’s said Bolling sent numerous lewd texts and photos to a handful of his female coworkers during his tenure at Fox.

Reportedly, Eric Jr. took this scandal incredibly hard. In fact, Eric Chase’s father even parted ways with the media conglomerate earlier than planned as the 19-year-old was struggling with the bad PR and backlash from the controversy.

Sources claim Eric Jr. was in a normal position in bed when he was discovered deceased on Friday. While there was no suicide note or drug paraphernalia found at the scene, the current working theory is that Jr. overdosed somehow. One insider told the webloid:

“19-year-olds just don’t go to sleep and not wake up.”

Very fair. To make matters worse, Eric Sr. learned of his son’s death only two hours after making his exit deal with Fox News. Oof.

According to reports, a coroner is conducting a toxicology report and performing other tests in order to determine the cause of death. Hopefully, for the Bolling family’s sake, the investigation sheds some light onto what exactly happened.

R.I.P., Eric.

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Sep 11, 2017 11:00am PST

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