Amanda Stanton Exposes Robby Hayes For Cheating While Only Two Couples Make It Out Alive On The Bachelor In Paradise Finale!

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Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise finale made this whole drawn-out season worth it!

Because we know you live for the tea just like we do, we’ll start with Barbie couple Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes.

Although the two broke up before leaving Mexico, Amanda decided to give things another shot with Robby shortly after they returned from Paradise (hence: why we saw photos of them holding hands back in El Lay).

During the reunion portion of last night’s show, we learned that it wasn’t long into the relationship before Amanda realized Robby wasn’t ready to be in a committed relationship. Go figure.

In fact, the twins (Emily and Haley Ferguson) straight up called Robby out for cheating on the mom-of-two with a girl in Colorado — and there were pictures to prove it. On. National. Television. It was glorious.

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Although Amanda kept her composure on the hot seat, after the episode aired she took to Twitter with THE RECEIPTS!

Seemingly triggered by some bullshit explanation and an insensitive RT about her children from her ex, the 27-year-old went full-out Taylor Swift by posting the picture of Robby allegedly making out with another girl, and said there was plenty more where that came from.

Look (below)!

What an ICON. Bless.

Anyway, elsewhere in the episode…

Corinne and DeMario came face-to-face for the first time since the scandal. Kumbaya.

Christen friend-zoned Jack Stone, Jasmine and Tickle Monster ended their fake relationship, and Diggy dumped Dominique before being dumped by Jaimi. Womp.

Dean. What can we say about Dean.

After realizing he was in love with Kristina, the 26-year-old decided to end things with Danielle in Paradiseafter leading both ladies on all season. During the reunion, D.Lo called him out for contacting her and resuming their relationship after taping. THEN, Kristina said he did the same thing to her. Tsk tsk. TBD on if Kristina, who Dean says he still has strong feelings for, will accept his apology and agree to try, try again.

— For Lacey, absolutely nothing could go wrong with Daniel. Until… the fantasy suite. Apparently, the Canadian admitted to lying to Lacey about “falling for her,” and he wasn’t actually interested in being in a committed relationship. During the reunion, Lacey exposed Daniel for being the worst, but we already knew that.

Raven and Adam: finally some good news!! The couple, as we told you before, are still going strong — and are even meeting each other’s families! “Everyone deserves an Adam.” Awwz.

— As was already reported, Derek popped the question to Taylor during the reunion special. It was truly a rewarding end for such a grueling season. Whether you care about these contestants or not, Derek’s proposal was one of the sweetest we’ve ever seen!

See you for the Winter Games, bbs!

Sep 12, 2017 10:15am PDT

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