Moms Blast Kate Hudson After She Called Her C-Section ‘Lazy’!

Fans are pissed!

Kate Hudson has moms in arms!!

The actress was featured in the October issue of Cosmo, and it turns out her spread inside the glossy has fans upset! Now that it’s hit newsstands, Kate’s questionnaire turned out to have one very controversial answer.

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Answering the question of “the laziest thing I’ve ever done,” the momma of two filled in:

“Have a c-section!”

Her oldest son Ryder was delivered via c-section, for those wondering.

The 38-year-old’s response has garnered a ton of backlash, like one user who slammed Kate, writing:

Meanwhile, comments flooded her Instagram:

  • rachel_jade89: “@katehudson I don’t know what sort of c section you had but the one I had was far from lazy! I had all plans to go natural and was 10cm dilated and pushing for hours until I had my baby come out via emergency c section. It was soo painful for weeks and I struggled to even lift my baby for days. I really hope your comment was a joke!”

    mommin_out_loud: “Yes, moms who have a c-section rather than let their child die during labor are super lazy. ├░┼╕ΓäóΓÇ₧”

  • hayleymllp: “@angelamarie1029 I feel very disappointed with @katehudson my daughter was delivered by emcs and I can assure everyone that was not me being lazy. It was surgeons saving her life!! I know she was talking of her own experience but it’s insulting to those of us that have experienced it, as c-sections are often criticised.”

    dreestarcic: “Although she says it was ‘her laziest moment’, I feel like her comment maybe misinterpreted as insensitive. It makes it seem as though she thinks all c-sections are lazy cause she felt hers was. That’s why people are upset. Maybe ordering out instead of cooking, or hiring someone to clean cause you just didn’t feel like it…those are lazy moments. I think people feel like she downplayed the reality of having a major abdominal surgery, whether emergency or planned. It’s a serious risk we take to bring our babies into the world. And while she may feel it was lazy on her end, many women who look up to her feel like it’s a slap in the face, joke or no joke. The problem is everyone is so damn sensitive about everthing people say, they take it as a personal attack, all the damn time. IT’S JUST SOMEONE’S OPINION. Doesn’t make it true. You know your own truth.”

Kate may have been joking, or even totally serious, but it’s clear it rubbed people the wrong way!

Do U think she should apologize for it??

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 12, 2017 5:38pm PDT

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