Mel B Accused Of Bullying ANOTHER Witness — Into Saying Stephen Belafonte Raped Her!

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This is disgusting if true!

Just after the news broke that Mel B is now under criminal investigation for witness intimidation in her ongoing legal battle against ex Stephen Belafonte, the former Spice Girl is already being accused of tampering with ANOTHER witness.

Unlike rapper Siya, who is apparently planning on testifying against Mel, this was someone who wasn’t going to testify at all, wasn’t even subpoenaed!

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A 22-year-old student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has told exclusively that she was contacted by Mel in regards to sex tapes she made with the couple.

Only, the story she says Mel wanted her to tell isn’t nearly that benign. The Swedish students says she was first contacted by Mel’s friend and hairdresser Gary Manatyan on Instagram last week, asking her to get in touch with Mel.

Then she got a call from a Beverly Hills number:

“I thought the call I received had come from Stephen so I called it back and it was Mel. I didn’t say so much because I was just in shock and I didn’t want her to record anything.

“She said, ‘Your sex tape is already out there and your name is already out there and you have to be in court in about two or three weeks and my lawyers can help you and I can pay for a trip.'”

Of course, none of that was true as she’s not on any court witness lists, nor does she appear in any of the sex tapes presented as evidence — those are all of other threesomes.

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But this student says Mel tried to convince her she needed to come clean about something that had happened on those tapes:

“Mel was saying, ‘I know about the (sex) tape and I know about the sex act and that you were crying and saying no and I want you to be in court for that.’ She never actually said the words, but she was inferring that Stephen had raped me.”


The student swears there was no rape, no lack of consent, but that she could not convince Mel of this over the phone:

“I told Mel no, but she kept saying, ‘No, you have to, I will pay for the trip, you have to go in two or three weeks because of the tape, your name is already out, the tape is already out and you can talk to my lawyer.’ And I said yes, I didn’t know what else to say.”

Hmm. It seems odd Mel would contact someone about their testimony when they weren’t even going to testify. reports they confirmed the phone number given to them by their source belongs to Mel B. But without the student coming forward to authorities, we can’t see this going forward.

In an interesting twist in Mel’s favor, TMZ is now reporting that the LAPD does NOT believe Mel B’s texts to Siya count as witness intimidation.

Apparently they opened up the criminal investigation at the rapper’s insistence but never believed any witness tampering was taking place.

We have no idea if this anonymous student will come forward and file a police report as Siya did, and if it will be treated any differently.

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Sep 12, 2017 6:46pm PDT

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