Teens Under Investigation After Hanging 8-Year-Old Biracial Boy From A Tree

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The family of an 8-year-old boy in New Hampshire claims he had to be airlifted to the hospital after at least one teenager hanged him from a tree.

Lorrie Slattery says her grandson was playing with a group of teens in his Claremont neighborhood on August 28 when the older kids started calling him racial names and throwing sticks and rocks at his legs.

The situation got worse when some or all of the teens allegedly stepped up on a picnic table and grabbed a rope nearby that had been part of a tire swing.

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Slattery explained to the Valley News:

“The (teenagers) said, ├óΓé¼╦£Look at this,’ supposedly putting the rope around their necks. One boy said to (her grandson), ├óΓé¼╦£Let’s do this,’ and then pushed him off the picnic table and hung him.”

The boy did not suffer any internal injuries, but sustained nasty cuts to his neck. He was flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and has since been released.

Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase said the department is investigating the incident as a hate crime — even though the teens claimed the hanging was an accident.

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That excuse doesn’t sit well with Slattery, who said the fact that none of the teens came to the boy’s aid speaks for itself:

“If it was an accident, that boy or anybody there wouldn’t have left him. I believe it was intentional.”

An expert who spoke to the family said the boy swung back and forth by his neck three times before he could remove the rope. It’s unclear whether the rope was forced over the boy’s neck or if he allowed it.

The boy’s uncle also shared an unsettling image of his injuries, writing in a later post that his first thought when learning about the incident was that “somebody did something to him because he’s biracial.”

Police are investigating the “bias relationship” between the suspects, aged 8 to 14, and victim. Our hearts go out to the recovering boy and his family.

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Sep 12, 2017 12:47pm PST

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