School Shooting In Washington Leaves One Dead & Multiple Injuries — Details Here

freeman high school shooting

This is just awful.

On Wednesday, it was reported that a shooting took place at Freeman High School in Spokane County, WA. In response to the violence, other schools in the area have gone into complete lockdown mode as a precautionary measure.

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It’s said that police and the fire department are on the scene at Freeman High School. A local sheriff’s office has confirmed the shooting as they released the following on Twitter:

Some students have reportedly been evacuated with eager parents gathering near the school for more information. Law enforcement radio channels currently have this automated message playing:

“Freeman High School. Gunshots or stabbing. Stand back.”

Per reports, five ambulances and a helicopter have been called to the scene. According to Fox News (below), there are reported injuries and a suspect is being detained by officials.

Anywhere between three and six people may’ve been injured. Sadly, there has been one fatality. Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer shared with the press:

“The threat from the shooter has been eliminated.”

He did confirm that one person was killed at the school. The deceased victim is allegedly a student at Freeman High.

The Spokane Sheriff’s Office also noted online:

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this bout of violence.

[Image via Twitter.]

Sep 13, 2017 2:57pm PST

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