Kim Kardashian Feigns Shock That Jennifer Lawrence Is A HUGE Keeping Up With The Kardashians Fan!

Kim Kardashian pretends to be surprised that J.Law is a KUWTK fan

Kim Kardashian West is well aware that Jennifer Lawrence is obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

As you’ve likely heard, filming the thriller Mother! was such an intense process for J.Law that she had nonstop episodes of the E! hit playing in a tent during her downtime. For some reason this talking point KEEPS getting brought up as Miz Lawrence makes the rounds to different news outlets.

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Thus, Keeks was bound to catch one of Jennifer’s interviews where she discussed her pro-Kardashian stance. In typical Kim K. fashion, the reality TV starlet shared her reaction to the Oscar winner’s praise on Snapchat. The businesswoman posted:

kim kardashian reacts to jennifer lawrence fan news

Though Kim seems pretty starstruck in her post, she’s previously talked about the blonde actress’ KUWTK obsession. Back in 2015, Kimmie told The Sun:

“I was in NYC and I ran into Jennifer Lawrence. We said, ‘Hi’ and walked into the elevator, and as the doors were closing, she screamed across the lobby, ‘I love your show.’ We were laughing so hard.”

Not to mention, the Silver Linings Playbook actress also met Kardashian-West’s momma Kris Jenner at her surprise birthday party in 2015. Clearly, Kim knows Jennifer loves her show… so why is she pretending this is news to her??

Just sayin’…

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Sep 14, 2017 10:45am PDT

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