Prince William Gives An Update On Prince George Following Break-In At The Youngster’s School: ‘It’s Been An Interesting Week’

prince william gives prince george school update

Sounds like Prince George‘s first day of school was a success!

Prince William was back to work conducting royal duties on Thursday as he stopped by to visit the Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool. While there, the famous royal opened up about his four-year-old’s recent academic milestone.

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The soon to be father-of-three revealed to patients:

“It’s been an interesting week… most of the parents were in floods of tears. The kids were all fine.”

In case you forgot, little George was dropped off at Thomas’s Battersea by Wills as the youngster’s momma Kate Middleton has been under the weather due to brutal morning sickness.

Thankfully, it seems Prince George has taken to being a full time student as the Duke of Cambridge continued:

“We are all seeing how long that lasts before he doesn’t want to go! George has been really easy. He hasn’t said, ‘Have I got to do this for the rest of my life?'”

Awwww. We’re glad the royal kiddo is enjoying school, especially since the facility made headlines on Wednesday after a 40-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly breaking into the school. Eek.

Also, it’s a good thing that William’s oldest is so easygoing as it’s believed that his daughter, Princess Charlotte, is destined to grow into a spitfire.

When an 87-year-old patient, named Teresa Jones, congratulated the prince on his young (and growing) brood, he quipped:

“George rules the roost but Charlotte isn’t far behind!”

We bet!! In fact, while checking out the major trauma room, the 35-year-old joked that two-year-old Charlotte will be “trouble when she’s older.”

The Duke’s visit was certainly a success as patients dubbed him the “Prince of Hearts” and “one of the nicest men on the planet.” How sweet.

It appears as though the public couldn’t love Prince William and his beautiful family more!

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Sep 14, 2017 5:38pm PDT

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