South Park Takes On White Nationalists — And Ends Up Screwing Up Everyone’s Amazon Echo!

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South Park is done tackling Donald Trump, just like they promised.

But they are going after the ignorant white nationalists he has emboldened. And Amazon Echo apparently.

In the season 21 premiere, a Charlottesville-inspired mob of white supremacists complain about being replaced, only it’s not minorities they’re shouting about — it’s technology.

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The Tiki torch-wielding marchers are upset because automation has made their jobs obsolete. So Randy Marsh convinces townspeople to get rid of their Google Homes and Amazon Echos and give the complainers the jobs that automated systems like Alexa do.

Obviously this doesn’t help — after all, they’re really protesting because they’re racist pieces of shit.

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That simple, blunt point was something the show made it difficult for many viewers to miss, as the Amazon Echo subplot invaded people’s homes.

See, throughout the episode, Cartman would ask the Echo for all sorts of things (“Alexa, tell me a joke.”), causing thousands of viewers’ own Echos to respond — sometimes in HIGHlariously foul-mouthed ways!

Ch-ch-check out some of the hijinks (below)!

[Image via Comedy Central.]

Sep 14, 2017 1:51pm PDT

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