22 People Injured In London Tube Station Terrorist Attack — & Donald Trump Had THIS To Say!

donald trump calls terrorist losers london tube blast

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the London terror attack today. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

So scary.

On Friday morning, 22 people were whisked to hospitals after an explosion occurred at a London tube station. According to authorities, the rush hour blast at the Parsons Green stop IS being investigated as a terrorist attack. Oh no.

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While several people are currently seeking medical treatment, the NHS England London has noted that the injuries being treated are not considered serious. Earlier this morning, the organization posted on Twitter:

Phew. Per one unverified image online, the explosion was caused by a white bucket on fire inside a supermarket bag which was placed on the floor of a train carriage. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has confirmed that it was an improvised explosive device and those injured are dealing with “flash burns.”

The investigation is still underway as the scene has been roped off and Rowley added:

“It is very much a live investigation we are following down the lines of inquiry.”

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump has already weighed in on the situation as he took to Twitter this morning and shared:

However, the Trumpster did NOT offer up a solution on how to curb terrorists’ internet usage. Perhaps that is a part of his secret “defeat ISIS plan”? Rather, POTUS took this time to plug his travel ban:

*Eye roll*

As for the U.K.’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, she simply noted:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared some inspirational words following the attack, as he wrote:

Sadly, this is England’s fifth major terrorist attack in a year, so we doubt Londoners are feeling very “calm” right now. As always, our thoughts are with those affected by this bout of violence.

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Sep 15, 2017 9:27am PDT

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