‘Consent Condom’ Wrapper Accidentally Promotes Rape Thanks To Astounding Design Fail!

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Donut get upset just yet.

Earlier this month, a Reddit user shared a photo of a condom given out on their college campus, and commenters were downright astounded by the epic design fail.

The poorly thought out packaging was emblazoned with an image of a pink frosted donut along with the words “Go Further Without Consent.”

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We know, it sounds like a motivational poster Donald Trump would give to his apprentices — but this winky condom wrapper isn’t actually as offensive as it seems!

You see, the condom was actually designed to promote consent by using the donut as a pun for “do not.” Of course, many people didn’t see it that way.

The Reddit user wrote:

“It took me a minute to actually get that the donut was supposed to be part of the sentence, but even after the pun clicked, I just have so many more questions about the brainstorming process behind this. It’s so, so terrible that it’s utterly fascinating.”

The condoms are sold by Say It With a Condom, which designs customized “consent condoms” in order to “start a conversation about how to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity.”

And, boy, did this donut-wrapper start a conversation on Twitter! Users had quite a lot to say about the magnitude of fail in this design flaw:

The product has since been removed from the company’s online store. Say It With A Condom CEO and founder Benjamin Sherman said they “didn’t receive any negative feedback” from the wrapper in question, telling Us Weekly:

“We went through our normal checks and balances with this design. Whenever we create a new campaign we send it out to universities and domestic violence shelters for feedback and we didn’t receive any negative feedback. If we’re not given the green light, we redesign or just choose a different tagline.”

We guess this time, Say It With A Condom severely misspoke.

[Image via Say It With A Condom.]

Sep 15, 2017 1:06am PDT

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