Twitter Bands Together To Call Donald Trump A White Supremacist With The #NaziBucketChallenge

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On Friday, Twitter users started taking the #NaziBucketChallenge — and no, it wasn’t a viral effort to help Nazis suffering from ALS.

Instead, users simply stated their backgrounds and then named Donald Trump as a white supremacist.

Hey, we never said it was creative!

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The challenge prompted responses from military veterans, investment bankers, psychotherapists, artists, and grandmas who all see 45 as a Nazi-loving failure of a leader. It’s so easy, anyone can play!

See some examples from the #NaziBucketChallenge (below).

Of course, not everyone was up for the challenge.

Trump supporters couldn’t help but chime in and remind participants not to be the snowflakes who cried Nazis:

What do U think about the #NaziBucketChallenge?

Sep 15, 2017 11:31am PDT

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