Mario Lopez Was Assaulted At A Las Vegas Spa By A ‘Known Troublemaker’ — WTF?!

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This is strange…

According to media reports, Mario Lopez was assaulted at a Las Vegas spa on Friday afternoon as he was leaving the bathroom — and the man who assaulted the TV host is now forever banned from the facility because of the incident!

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Apparently, Mario was working out at the facilities within Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara on Friday afternoon when he bumped into a guy while leaving the bathroom — and things went from zero to 100 VERY quickly!

TMZ claims that Mario quickly said “excuse me,” and the guy responded with “you got a problem?”

What is this, some 1950s movie scripting?! LOLz!!

The guy was allegedly “about to step to Mario and make physical contact,” but an employee got in between them — and that’s when things got REALLY weird.

Lopez had left his phone on one of the locker room benches, when the guy stepped back, picked it up, and threw it against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

Security got there quick, and cops came afterwards, even though Mario refused to press charges and no arrests were made.

According to the TMZ report, not only did Planet Hollywood replace Lopez’s phone free of charge, they also banned the “known troublemaker” for life from attending anything within the hotel.

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Good for them!!

From what we understand, Lopez did go watch Jennifer Lopez perform later Friday night with his wife… so maybe all’s well that ends well?

Crazy stuff!!!

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Sep 16, 2017 2:41pm PDT

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