Donald Trump Inches Us Closer To Nuclear War With A Bizarre Early Morning ‘Rocket Man’ Tweet Stream

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Even after a relatively tame week for Donald Trump and his administration — well, at least compared to the typical shit show week in this White House — the President still manages to make himself look like a fool after too many “normal” days in a row.

The President logged on to Twitter early this morning and was feeling particularly feisty, opting to go after Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime with a VERY colorful new nickname that will almost certainly continue to inflame tensions in that part of the world…

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Here’s what Trump tweeted about ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un (below):

Yeah, that is a real presidential way to refer to another world leader — even one as dangerous and reckless as Kim Jong Un.

*rolls eyes*

Trump also retweeted a bunch of VERY bizarre tweets from fans of his who are probably Russian bots — including these (below):

What the fuck?!

This is our President?? Retweeting that ridiculous shit?? Not to mention his complete inability to grasp the simplest duties and functions of his office??


[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Sep 17, 2017 3:29pm PDT

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