VOTE: Should Celebs Get Special Treatment, Even From Cops??

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We’re so glad Heather Locklear is OK.

Her car accident, in which she drove her Porsche into a ditch, sounds so scary.

But the hubbub around it sounds… like Hollywood, we guess!

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TMZ got ahold of the recordings of the original 911 call from a concerned citizen and the communications between one of the first deputies on the scene and the dispatch officer.

And from the start, it was a big deal that she was a star. The deputy called in and said:

“Here’s the deal: it’s a celebrity. She’s huge.”

To which dispatch responded:

“We already had a chief call in and ask if it was [DELETED]. I will let everyone — not everyone. I will let the appropriate people know. I’ll let S.O. know the circs, and they’ll probably get out there a little quicker.”

Eesh, really?

We all know celebs get special treatment in restaurants, salons, etc. But should they be treated differently by police?

Dispatch also mentions that there will “probably be media,” so maybe that’s part of the drill.

But when it comes to situations like car accidents, should celebs still get the royal treatment?

What do YOU think??

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Sep 18, 2017 6:28pm PDT

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