Alabama High School Students Stir Controversy After Holding ‘Put The Panic Back In Hispanic’ & ‘MAGA’ Signs At Pep Rally

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This is Donald Trump‘s America in 2017.

At a pep rally at Robertsdale High School in Alabama on Friday, two students held signs saying “Put The Panic Back In Hispanic” and “Make America Great Again” in a photo that has now gone viral on social media.

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A fellow student shared a screenshot of the image, alongside a message expressing her disappointment with her classmates and the school for allowing something like this to happen.

The teen posted:

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Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler said in a statement of the controversial incident:

“We are aware of a photo that appears to be taken at a Robertsdale High School football pep rally Friday, Sept. 15, that is circulating on social media containing political banners and unacceptable language. School administrators, as well as my office, are following up on the matter.”

According to attorney Domingo Soto, the student has since apologized for her actions, saying:

“It wasn’t my intention and was not meant for it to be taken that way. I apologize for the publicity and misunderstandings that it has brought to our school.”

We’re failing our children, people. Time to wake up!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 18, 2017 12:58pm PST

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