How Long Have Josh Duhamel & Fergie Been Separated?!?

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The more we hear about the split between Josh Duhamel and Fergie, the clearer this picture is getting.

On Tuesday, we got even more insight as a “music insider” told People the couple “have been leading separate lives for a long time.”

Dang! How long is “a long time”?

Photos: Fergie & Josh Through The Years

Well, we know they said in their statement they made the decision “earlier this year.” And the last time Josh was seen wearing his wedding ring was all the way back in June.

And we’ve heard it was a long time coming before that thanks to their inherent differences.

Now we have a firmer idea of what those are, thanks to the insider, who explained:

“She wants to be out on the road doing her thing, while he is more chill. They clashed for a long time before they did anything about it.”

Sounds right in line with what we’ve heard.

Josh was all about making that family bigger; Fergie isn’t done being Fergalicious just yet. The eternal struggle of career vs family.

It’s a shame for poor 4-year-old Axl, but everything we’re hearing says the couple are going to be great co-parents.

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Sep 19, 2017 7:26pm PDT

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