The Woman From Kevin Hart’s Extortion Tape Has Reportedly Been Identified!

kevin hart extortion tape woman identified

We knew it wouldn’t take long to identify the woman in Kevin Hart‘s extortion video.

As you surely know, the comedian was the victim of a multimillion dollar extortion attempt by an unnamed person (or persons) who claimed they had footage of Kevin and a woman “in a sexually provocative situation.”

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Hart seemingly confirmed the existence of the tape when he took to Instagram on Saturday and apologized to his wife Eniko Parrish and his kids. Not to mention, stills from the allegedly explicit video have slowly leaked out via the press. After one blurry image of Kev and an unnamed woman hit the web, many people thought the funny man had cheated with Monique “Momo” Gonzalez (AKA the woman he was suspiciously photographed with earlier this summer).

However, Miz Gonzalez has denied being involved in this drama and claims to have never slept with Kevin. A rep for the Miami based singer even noted to TMZ that Momo only ever had a friendly conversation in the back of a car with the 38-year-old.

We have every inclination to believe Gonzalez as the webloid has since identified the dark-haired beauty from the tape. Reportedly, a stripper named Montia Sabbag (who also goes by Montiah Sabagg) is the person Hart got cozy with in the now controversial vid. It’s said Montia and Kevin partied together for an entire weekend while in Las Vegas back in August.

Per reports, the first frame of the four-minute-and-47-second video is a pic of Montia and Kevin. Although viewers can’t see who is in the bed during the raunchiest part of the footage, Hart and Sabbag are supposedly seen in various stages of undress later on.

Sources claim the Get Hard actor hadn’t met the exotic dancer prior to their August meeting and the twosome haven’t had any encounters since. In fact, Montia states that she had NOTHING to do with the video being filmed and is vehement that she didn’t attempt to extort Hart.

As Sabbag lawyered up amid the scandal AND refused to take a lie detector test unless Hart paid her $420K, authorities have yet to rule her out as a suspect. But, before we jump to any conclusions, we should mention that other people were present during the naughty weekend. Investigators are currently tracking down everyone connected to the Sin City weekend and plan to hit them all with search warrants.

It’s believed that Kevin had an-hour-and-a-half conversation with two of the investigators on Monday. He’s VVV eager to help the authorities identify and catch the extortionist(s).

In short: This isn’t the last we’ve heard about this case.

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Sep 19, 2017 8:29am PDT

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