Ryan Phillippe Has The Cops’ Support Amid Ex-Girlfriend Elsie Hewitt’s Domestic Abuse Claims Because They Think These Things Don’t Add Up

ryan phillippe domestic assault update

The cops aren’t buying Elsie Hewitt‘s side of the story.

As we previously reported, the up-and-coming model has been granted an Emergency Protective Order against Ryan Phillippe amid her claims that Reese Witherspoon‘s ex brutally attacked her and threw her down the stairs. However, it’s said that Miz Hewitt’s account of what went down isn’t adding up.

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According to TMZ, the authorities aren’t buying Elsie’s allegations about what occurred on July 4 for two very specific reasons. First, the Shooter star was genuinely shocked when the cops showed up at his residence following his ex’s complaint. Reportedly, Ryan was very cooperative with police when they came to investigate.

Apparently, Phillippe welcomed the police into his home and answered all of their questions without a lawyer present. Ryan acted as if he had absolutely nothing to hide.

Second, there are doubts surrounding Elsie’s claims of being thrown down the stairs (twice). Supposedly, Ryan’s steps are sharp and wooden and should’ve caused the 21-year-old severer injuries, like broken bones. This may explain why the El Lay City Attorney’s Office has refused to prosecute the case in criminal court.

But hey, at the end of the day, this thing is going to play out in civil court… so ANYTHING could happen.

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Sep 20, 2017 9:20am PDT

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