Donald Trump Lashes Out At The Emmys By Mocking The Award Show’s ‘Bad’ Ratings!

donald trump lashes out at emmys

Well that didn’t take long.

As Donald Trump was the butt of almost EVERY joke at Sunday’s Emmys, we knew the President couldn’t stop himself from commenting on the award show. Smh.

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Following a memorable visit to the UN General Assembly, POTUS took to Twitter and wrote:

*Eye roll* In typical Trump fashion, the Commander-In-Chief’s account of Sunday’s award show isn’t exactly accurate. Although the ratings for this year’s Emmys weren’t spectacular, the audience figures didn’t drop to any record low. In fact, the numbers had an uptick.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Stephen Colbert-hosted Emmy Awards brought in around 11.4 million viewers. The all time low was last year when only 11.3 million viewers tuned in.

Sadly, Donnie isn’t the only one who has criticized this year’s Emmys. ICYMI, Trump lackey Kellyanne Conway laid into Colbert for making the award show “politicized.” Trump apologist Bill O’Reilly also weighed in on the Hollywood bash as he shared on his podcast:

“It was like, ah, you’re just actors and performers. That’s what you do. You’re talented but then you have no right to radiate superiority and particularly when it comes to politics when most of you don’t know anything.”

Wowwwwwwww. Could you kiss Donald’s ass any more, Bill??

What did YOU think?? Were the Emmys too much this year??

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Sep 20, 2017 8:01am PST

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