The ‘Jane Doe’ In Usher’s $20 Million Genital Herpes Case Identifies Herself!

usher jane doe accuser identifies self

Usher‘s anonymous genital herpes accuser has come forward.

Yup, the Jane Doe who is suing the hitmaker for allegedly giving her genital herpes has FINALLY identified herself. Well, well!

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According to reports, Laura Helm has claimed in recent legal documents that she had two sexual encounters with the Yeah! singer. Apparently, Usher acted VVV oddly during their first hookup. Specifically, Miz Helm alleges that she never saw the music icon finish as he ran to the bathroom towards the end of their liaison. Ugh.

In regards to their second encounter, Laura notes that the 38-year-old never wore a condom and within a few days she noticed a bump appear on the inside of her mouth. Then, another few days later, the dark haired beauty discovered a similar bump on her vagina. Oh no!

Helm also brought up the reported $1.1 million Usher paid to a different lover, but offered up no proof that the monetary exchange occurred.

Now, if you were wondering what Usher’s like in the bedroom, Laura says The Voice vet puts on jazz music while performing oral sex. Well, that’s an image we can’t get out of our heads. Smh.

Per Laura’s account, the No Limit artist wooed her by telling her all about his humanitarian efforts in Africa. Nonetheless, the pair were only ever brief sex friends.

We’re sure Usher’s people will have a response to Laura’s claims sometime soon. Stay tuned!!

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Sep 20, 2017 3:13pm PDT

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