Audrina Patridge Says Corey Bohan Pushed Her While She Held Their Baby — Then Threatened Suicide!

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We now have more disturbing details in Audrina Patridge‘s allegations of domestic violence against Corey Bohan.

So what happened that led the Hills star to file for divorce almost immediately after this incident?

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He shoved her while she was holding their one-year-old daughter, Kirra Max.

The Blast got hold of Audrina’s divorce filing, in which she details how an argument turned violent on August 16:

“He wasn’t listening and kept following me, cussing, yelling at me. I had Kirra in my arms, trying to leave. Respondent locked the door and pushed me back with her in my arms. I begged him to please let me go and take Kirra somewhere else, I didn’t want her around all this. He then picked up my backpack and purse and threw everything on the floor. He started punching and hitting himself on the head. Then he punched a hole in our bedroom door. I was very frightened and started screaming and covered Kirra’s eyes and ears, but she started crying and screaming. Respondent then let me pass…”

Then she says Bohan brought the self harm to another level; he grabbed a metal canister and threatened to “bash his head in.”

Audrina says she took Kirra to her parents’ home for safety and once there texted Bohan the “number for a suicide prevention hotline.”

In the filing, this incident is listed as the culmination of Bohan’s increasingly “aggressive and obsessive” behavior towards her.

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She says she was in Miami promoting her swimwear line on July 17 when he wouldn’t stop texting her, “jealous I was out with other people, accused me of partying and cheating on him, and threatened to kill himself.”

Audrina also had reason to believe Bohan, whose family still lives in Australia, might abduct Kirra and take her out of the country:

“I am very concerned, especially since he has our daughter’s birth certificate, that he might obtain a passport to her and take her to Australia without my consent.”

The Blast reports the court granted Audrina full custody of Kirra, though Bohan does still have visitation rights — though any handoffs for the time being must occur at the Irvine Police Department. And both parents are required to acquire written permission from the court before leaving Orange County with her.

It sounds like Audrina did the right thing to protect herself and her baby.

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Sep 21, 2017 1:49pm PDT

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