4-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Herself With Grandmother’s Gun While Searching For Candy

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Yanelly “Nelly” Zoller died last week in another tragic household gun accident.

According to the 4-year-old’s family, she was at her grandparents’ house when she decided to look for candy.

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Digging through grandma Christie Zoller‘s purse, she unknowingly pressed the trigger of a handgun, shooting and killing herself.

Her father, Shane Zoller, told the Tampa Bay Times he arrived to find the house surrounded by police:

“I was driving to pick her up with her bathing suit in my car to take her to the splash pads. When I pulled up, that’s when I saw all the police lights.”

We can’t imagine what a horrible feeling. We don’t think we could never get over that.

How did this happen??

Shane, who at only 22 has another child and one more on the way, says his parents watched over Nelly — who he had while still in high school — her entire life:

“She was extremely close to them and would get so excited when she got to stay at her nana’s house. She was attached to her nana’s hip.”

So why did they keep a loaded gun anywhere near her? Ugh. So awful.

Tampa police are investigating but say they have no reason to doubt the family’s version of events.

The family is asking for help in paying for Nelly’s funeral and cremation HERE.

[Image via GoFundMe.]

Sep 21, 2017 3:18pm PDT

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