Demi Lovato Claps Back After Being Slammed For Not Talking About Her Sexuality!!

Don't ask her about it!

Demi Lovato still isn’t ready to open up about her sexuality, and she’s over people talking about it!

As we previously reported, the songstress urged fans to watch her YouTube documentary, I Am: Demi Lovato, when asked about her private life after she was seen holding hands with DJ/Producer Lauren Abedini.

She still hasn’t changed her tune, even clapping back at one writer on Twitter who criticized her for not speaking up about it!

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DemDem responded:

The 25-year-old also went on to tweet:

She’s really plugging her documentary, but you’ve got to respect her decision to not want to speak about it until she’s ready.

What do U think??

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

Sep 21, 2017 9:54am PDT

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