Woman Allegedly Terrorizes Kardashian DASH Store With Gun & Machete! WATCH HERE!

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Absolutely frightening!

According to TMZ, on Thursday at around 11:19 a.m., a woman (pictured above) allegedly walked into the Kardashian’s DASH boutique in West Hollywood and pointed a gun at the cashier.

After ranting about Cuba, the suspect knocked merchandise off the counter, pointed her gun at the employee once again, and left the scene.

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According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, after 1:00 p.m., the woman allegedly returned to the store, this time with a machete, and began threatening the Kardashian family and nearby reporters.

She was heard saying:

“The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory! They’ll be fucking killed!”

The woman then shoves the machete through a door opening, and leaves the weapon there. As seen on Twitter:

As she begins walking down the street, journalist Hal Eisner tries to catch up to her until she says:

“Don’t follow me… I have a gun.”

Cops are still searching for the suspect, who could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

See the scary footage (below):

[Image via FOX 11 Los Angeles/YouTube.]

Sep 21, 2017 10:41pm PDT

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