South Park Skewers Donald Trump’s Handling Of North Korea AND Everyone Freaking Out Over His Tweets!

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South Park doesn’t even need to show “The President” in an episode to mock Donald Trump anymore!

Matt Stone and Trey Parker admitted they didn’t want to focus on POTUS as much as they did last season, which featured a yuge election storyline in which Mr. Garrison raped and killed the show’s version of Trump before taking on his personality and winning the presidency.

Even though he hasn’t physically shown up in South Park yet, the president — who remained nameless in this week’s episode — was still satirized in what seemed to be a response to Trump’s antagonizing remarks to North Korea.

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Just a day after Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea in his UN address on Tuesday, the cartoon series acknowledged the fear of living under world leaders caught up in a nuclear pissing contest.

The episode started with the boys’ classmate Tweek playing a song about the current political climate for the school talent show. In his “song,” Tweek frustratingly bangs on the piano and yells about how North Korea is going to kill us all and it’s all the president’s fault, screaming:

“We’re all going to die! They have nuclear missiles. Why are you just sitting there doing nothing?! We have to get out of here. North Korea wants to kill us and our president keeps making it worse. Why are you all just sitting there? Why are you all acting like nothing’s wrong? North Korea is going to bomb us. We are all dead. We have to do something. Do something! Do something! Ahhhh!”

The main question driving the episode is if Tweek is overreacting or not. His boyfriend Greg suggests Tweek send the North Koreans cupcakes so they know that all Americans aren’t as shitty as the president. This gesture works… until the president gets involved.

Soon, CNN reports that the president — who appears to still be Garrison — has launched a Twitter attack on North Korea, saying Tweek “took a dump in the batter.” Which, of course, blows up the whole situation. Here are a few of his tweets:

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LOL, but how sad is it that these aren’t really that farfetched?

Amid the North Korea drama, other students are trying to raise awareness about the deadly effects of distracted driving, since multiple parents have been running over kids due to freaking out about the president’s tweets from behind the wheel.

The plotlines tie together in the end of the episode, when Tweek partners with Greg to perform another song. This time, the duo sings about the dangers of being distracted by your phone — joined by a choir of South Park kids who tell the president to “Put It Down,” singing:

“Don’t be on your phone while being president / Put it down / You might do something dumb and cause an accident.”

After the song, locals pledge to put down their phones if they become president — even Hillary Clinton makes a cameo! Hey girl!

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The moral of the story?

Put down your fucking phone, Trump. Also, recklessly freaking out about the president’s tweets only makes things worse.

[Image via Comedy Central.]

Sep 21, 2017 1:11pm PST

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