Was Elisabeth Moss Directed By Scientology To Swear In Her Emmy Speech??

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This is such a strange theory — but we’ve heard stranger things about Scientology…

During Elisabeth Moss‘ big win at the Emmys, she got bleeped not once but TWICE for dropping the F-bomb.

The first was as she breathlessly approached the mic, the second in her speech praising her mother as teaching her she could be kind “and a fucking badass.”

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It was spontaneous and adorable — or was it just superior acting???

Tiziano Lugli, a former Scientologist and once friend to Elisabeth, is speaking out to The Hollywood Reporter and saying the Handmaid’s Tale star did give two fucks, but they were totally planned.

In fact, he says it’s Scientology protocol:

“Scientologists are urged to communicate with ‘average people,’ and to do so effectively you have to ‘go down the tone scale.’ So they all use ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ every time they talk. It’s fascinating.”

Fascinating is definitely the F-word we would use.

“The quote-unquote philosophy behind it is you match the tone level in order to communicate on the same level of the people with whom you’re communicating. If you’re too ‘high-tone,’ people will not understand you.”

So it’s code switching for talking to the vulgar masses? That’s pretty damn haughty of y’all, Scientologists.

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Lugli says it goes back to leader David Miscavige, whom he witnessed cursing up a storm at a speech in the early 2000s:

“Within the briefing, Miscavige was talking about how Flag [the Clearwater, Florida headquarters] is superior and should be in charge of other Orgs. He said, ‘Class V Orgs are fucking DBs, which stands for ├óΓé¼╦£degraded beings.’ He was like ‘fucking this’ and ‘fucking that’ the whole time.”

According to Lugli, Tom Cruise himself studied the tape over and over and decided he would purposely pepper his speech with profanity “to emulate what power sounds like.”

“So he started swearing. It started there. A culture of ‘fuck fuck fuck.'”

But it may go back further than even Lugli knows.

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Journalist and Scientology whistleblower Tony Ortega says the harsh language is straight from founder L. Ron Hubbard. He explains:

“There’s no question that Scientology has this kind of throwback, hard-smoking, curse-language culture that dates to Hubbard being a Navy guy.

Cursing in Scientology is almost a sacrament. The Sea Org [a clergy class with a nautical heritage] sets the tone for all Scientology ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and it’s literally sailors. It’s a paramilitary organization that runs Scientology. And the one thing you notice when you run into ex-Sea Org members is they all curse like sailors.”

Damn! We never knew that shit! Ha!

But even if all that is true, couldn’t Elisabeth just have been expressing herself in a moment of joy? We mean, lots of folks accidentally get on stage and immediately curse.

It’s totally possible. In fact, according to Ortega, the actress isn’t even that devout. He says:

“[Her parents] are not particularly strong Scientologists. Elisabeth Moss does not hang out with many other Scientologists. And if you look at her course completions list, I don’t know that she’s the most gung-ho Scientologist.”


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What do YOU think about this fuckin’ revelation, Perezcious readers?

Was Elisabeth Moss following protocol? Or just caught up in the moment??

Watch again (below) and decide for yourself!

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Sep 22, 2017 8:14pm PDT

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