Nicki Minaj, Allow Us To Introduce You To Shawn Mendes

Nicki Minaj

Poor Shawny.

Just when we were getting over Justin Bieber‘s “Who’s Shawn Mendes?” flub, it happens again. But this time Nicki Minaj is the culprit!

Earlier this week, the rapper tweeted-then-deleted receipts of a DM she received where a fan said they wished the 19-year-old singer would hold them like he was holding a pictured “dog” (which was actually a cat). Stay with us here.

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Nicki posted the screenshots with the caption:

“Someone’s in my dm’s saying they wish this man (who’s holding a cat) would hold them like he’s holding this dog. i-I’m so confused.”

Ch-ch-check out the conversation (below)!

Nicki Minaj

Now, the cat-dog confusion is hilarious on its own — but what really got people talking was that Nicki seemingly has no idea who the Treat You Better artist is, as she referred to him as “this man.”

no title

She has since seen the error in her ways and removed the blasphemy from her page.

The good news here is that Nicki has officially introduced Shawn to the world as a “man.” Congrats, bb!

[Image via Twitter/Apega/WENN.]

Sep 22, 2017 11:39am PDT

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