It’s Not Just LeBron James — SO MANY Sports Stars Are Making Donald Trump Look Like A Fool!

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Not only are NBA and NFL stars using Saturday morning to make Donald Trump look like a complete idiot (and a white supremacist bigot), they’re using his very favorite method of communication to do it!!

So great!!

As we reported earlier this morning, The Donald drew a TON of controversy from dis-inviting the NBA’s Golden State Warriors from the White House after star Stephen Curry‘s anti-Trump comments.

Couple that with Trump’s bizarre and highly unacceptable comments about football last night in Alabama, too.

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But now, things are going a step further: the sports world is busting back!!! We are SO here for this!!!

Ch-ch-check out ALL these athletes who are absolutely DRAGGING Donald Trump over his outright bigotry and incredible pettiness (below)!!!

Why is it that there is an issue with the idea of white supremacy but not the white supremacists themselves? 45 can’t condone them, when he is one of them. It will be interesting to see how the NFL owners who did donate to 45’s cause in the White House, will respond. Now is a time for players to take a stronger stand, no longer thinking it doesn’t involve them directly. When everyone goes out on that field to play, beliefs, ethnicities, religions, and way of life mean nothing. Being the best means everything. Football has provided purpose and direction to countless, and yet, the same field on which they have freedom to play, they don’t have the freedom to kneel to stand up for their own rights? When you are the majority group in a league, you have the power to change history. That requires our own boycotting of attending and watching games as well. Even if your organizations don’t stand behind you, we do. #StandWithKaep #BiggerThanTheGame #NFLBoycott #ItStartsWithUsA post shared by Josh Powell (@josh21powell) on Sep 23, 2017 at 8:06am PDT

So inspiring!!

More athletes need to speak out!! Don’t just stick to sports!!


[Image via Ulrich Stamm/Future Image/WENN.]

Sep 23, 2017 2:24pm PST

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