Donald Trump Doubles Down On His NFL Criticism As Hollywood A-Listers Praise Those Protesting!

donald trump keeps tweeting about nfl

In case you weren’t aware, Donald Trump is NOT happy with the NFL.

As you surely know, football players throughout the NFL took a knee and/or linked arms during the National Anthem on Sunday in response to the President’s recent criticism. While the Trumpster already offered up a response (well, gesture) to the headline making protests, he took to Twitter on Monday morning to once again address the matter.

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Not only did POTUS double down on his shade about players opting to protest during the national anthem, he went on to praise NASCAR fans for being SO respectful to “our Country.” Wait a minute. When did NASCAR get dragged into all of this??

He wrote:

*Eye roll* Unsurprisingly, many in Hollywood supported the NFL players who chose to make a statement by kneeling on game day. A-listers — including Ellen DeGeneres, Zendaya, Gabrielle Union, etc. — all made sure to voice their support on Twitter.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out their positive reactions (below)!

Hear! Hear!

What do YOU think?? Is Trump overreacting??

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Sep 25, 2017 9:14am PDT

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