Senator Bill Cassidy Filmed YAWNING As Disabled Protesters Are Forcibly Removed From Hearing On GOP ‘Health Care’ Bill!

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Calling Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy‘s effort a “health care bill” is like referring to that dentist who shot Cecil the Lion as an “animal rights activist.”

Sure, he was “active” in the realm of “animal rights” but mostly in removing all of them through murder. So it’s really a misnomer.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel SOUNDS OFF On Graham-Cassidy For A THIRD Time!

Monday’s Senate hearing on the removal-of-health-care-in-favor-of-tax-cuts bill (not succinct but at least accurate) was interrupted by protesters from ADAPT, a grassroots disability rights organization with a simple message about health care:


Well, the Senate had one thing to say to their interruptions today: NOPE!

Watch as Senator Orrin Hatch has them forcibly removed from the proceedings:

So sad. But our sadness quickly turned to anger when we saw this; in one vid, you can even see bill co-author Cassidy YAWNING as people are dragged away:

So much for the guy promising Jimmy Kimmel he was going to do his best to protect people.

An estimated 100 people will be arrested today. As for whether they were being disruptive…

OF COURSE THEY ARE — they’re fighting for their damn lives!!!

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According to the Center for American Progress, between 1.4 and 1.8 million nonelderly adults with disabilities would lose crucial Medicaid coverage under Graham-Cassidy.

Advocates say this loss would send us hurtling back to the time when everyone with disabilities had to be institutionalized and could not be part of the work force. Which way seems better for the economy AND for their well-being, Republicans??

Frankly when you look at those kinds of numbers, some civil disobedience doesn’t seem at all out of order.

[Image via ABC/Twitter.]

Sep 25, 2017 7:21pm PST

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