Burger King Russia Wants IT Pulled From Theaters Because Pennywise Looks Too Much Like Ronald McDonald, Apparently

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Now, that’s some laughable character assassination.

Burger King‘s Russian division has filed a complaint with the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service demanding that the It remake be banned in Russia.

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Why? Because apparently, the movie’s star clown demon Pennywise bears a striking resemblance to BK’s biggest rival — Ronald McDonald, of course — and therefore doubles as an advertisement for McDonald’s!

A spokeswoman for the FAS told The Hollywood Reporter that Burger King’s complaint is being evaluated. Noting that the agency will determine whether the movie contains advertising or product placement, the rep added:

“We can’t be concerned with the content of the film because the writer and director have their own creative understanding of any character.”

Burger King is far from the first to compare the two clowns. Earlier this year, a video called It — McDonald’s Edition popped up on YouTube, featuring Ronald instead of Pennywise in some of the film’s scary moments.

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But here’s a quick differentiation between the two: Ronald McDonald is an unintentionally creepy clown who feeds children hamburgers, while Pennywise is an intentionally creepy demon who eats children like they’re hamburgers.

Since opening on September 7, It has grossed $14 million in Russia so far, and is still available in over 100 movie theaters throughout the country.

No word on when the review will be conducted by. But if BK actually succeeds in getting this film pulled, they better prepare for a McDonald’s retaliation the next time a King Arthur movie comes out.

[Image via McDonald’s/Instagram/Warner Bros..]

Sep 26, 2017 2:02pm PDT

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