Late Night Slams ‘Brain Damaged’ Donald Trump Harder Than Ever Over NFL Protest Comments!

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OMG, everyone is against Donald Trump on this one!

In case you hadn’t heard the POTUS is actually calling for the firing of peaceful protesters now, specifically the NFL players protesting police brutality against African Americans.

Can’t quite condemn neo-Nazis, overwhelmingly condemns black protesters… Hmm…

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Just like tons of pro athletes, celebs, and politicians, we were offended by Trump’s comments. Thankfully no late night shows were on hiatus — because across the board hosts really took him to task!

Early on, Stephen Colbert points out how Drumpf is defending the flag while he himself dishonors it CONSTANTLY! Oh, he might also mention the President could have some brain damage himself…

Watch (below):

Then in even later night Seth Meyers unleashed one of his harshest attacks yet by letting writer Amber Ruffin take over his “A Closer Look” segment!

And over on Comedy Central, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah said with utmost confidence that Trump “definitely prefers white people to black people.”

Oh, he also reminded Trump why Colin Kaepernick specifically chose the “take a knee” protest in the first place — out of respect for soldiers!

[Image via CBS/NBC/Comedy Central.]

Sep 26, 2017 1:21pm PDT

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