Jimmy Kimmel Praises Senators John McCain & Susan Collins For Essentially Killing The Graham-Cassidy Bill

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

As you’ve probably heard, Jimmy Kimmel has been a vocal opponent to the GOP’s (now practically dead) Graham-Cassidy health care bill. It all started when Senator Bill Cassidy promised the funny man that he’d fight for health care reform that would be available to those with preexisting conditions.

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This meant the world to Jimmy as, following his newborn son’s emergency open heart surgery, Kimmel realized his flesh-and-blood would’ve had a lifelong struggle with obtaining health care coverage if it weren’t for his A-lister status.

However, when he realized that Cassidy had lied to him, Kimmel dedicated MANY monologues to bringing down the flawed bill. Jimmy’s speeches not only influenced change in D.C., but they also touched many people who felt like they weren’t being heard in the nation’s capital.

During Monday’s monologue, Jimmy opened up about the “emotional weekend” he had as he met with many people who were saved by Obamacare. He also praised Senators John McCain and Susan Collins for essentially killing the Graham-Cassidy bill as they both announced plans to vote “no” on the proposed piece of legislation.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Jimmy’s latest monologue about the Graham-Cassidy bill (above).

Sep 26, 2017 8:53am PST

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