Pat Tillman’s Widow Does Not Want Her Husband’s Honorable Death To Be Apart Of Donald Trump’s Divisive Narrative

Marie Tillman

Marie Tillman is honoring her late husband’s legacy.

After a weekend of calling NFL players — the majority of whom are black — “sons of bitches,” Donald Trump continued his tweet storm against athletes using their American right to peaceful protest.

On Monday, Trump retweeted a photo of Pat Tillman in an attempt to promote his opinion on players choosing to kneel during the National Anthem.

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For those of you who don’t know, Pat was a football star who gave up a multi-million dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers in the months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He was killed two years later by friendly fire during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was 27.

After Trump tried to pull her husband’s legacy into his divisive rhetoric, Marie released a statement to CNN criticizing POTUS for politicizing Pat’s death.

The widow said:

“As a football player and soldier, Pat inspired countless Americans to unify. It is my hope that his memory should always remind people that we must come together. Pat’s service, along with that of every man and woman’s service, should never be politicized in a way that divides us. We are too great of a country for that. Those that serve fight for the American ideals of freedom, justice and democracy. They and their families know the cost of that fight. I know the very personal costs in a way I feel acutely every day. The very action of self expression and the freedom to speak from one’s heart — no matter those views — is what Pat and so many other Americans have given their lives for. Even if they didn’t always agree with those views. It is my sincere hope that our leaders both understand and learn from the lessons of Pat’s life and death, and also those of so many other brave Americans.”

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, POTUS will realize these are actual human lives we’re talking about.

Bravo, Marie!

[Image via Twitter/WENN.]

Sep 26, 2017 11:07am PST

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