Ariel Winter’s Estranged Mom Says Actress Reignited Their Feud Because She ‘Craves Attention’ — & The Modern Family Star Already Has A Clap Back!

ariel winter hits back at mom inside edition interview

There is no love lost between Ariel Winter and her mother.

On Wednesday, the Modern Family actress’ estranged momma sat down with Inside Edition to clap back at her daughter’s claims that she was oversexualized as a child. Talk about family drama.

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On her longstanding feud with Ariel, Crystal Workman explained:

“She continues to attack me. It’s heartbreaking. I think she wants the headlines. I think she craves attention. If that means throwing your mother under the bus and hurting her and breaking her heart, she’s going to do it.”

We’re sure Miz Winter would disagree with this sentiment as Crystal has criticized her daughter’s life choices many times since the 19-year-old’s emancipation. In regards to the TV starlet’s claims, Workman noted:

“No, I didn’t. I don’t know what she is talking about. I really don’t.”

Inside Edition then showed Crystal a photo of a 10-year-old Ariel wearing a mini-dress and high-heels while on a red carpet. Crystal doubled down on her defense and added:

“She’s one of the stars of the premiere. She is wearing a dress that’s adorable. You don’t see any parts of her body except her cute little legs.”

We wonder if Crystal ever asked Ariel if she liked the ensemble?? Anywho…

Winter’s mom also addressed Ariel’s claims that if she had been offered a nude scene at 12, her mother “would have a thousand percent said yes.” On this point, Crystal fired back:

“No, never. Not in a million years.”

The TV program then asked Crystal to comment on the allegations that she purposely tried to restrict the It-girl’s food intake in an attempt to keep her slender. The starlet’s momma vehemently denied:

“Absolutely not. The only dietary restriction was dairy. We found out as an infant that she was very allergic to dairy.”

Unsurprisingly, Ariel has since hit back at Inside Edition and her mother for capitalizing on their estrangement. Julie Bowen‘s TV daughter wrote on Twitter:

Snap! Snap!

We really doubt that Ariel and Crystal will reconcile anytime soon. Oof.

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Sep 28, 2017 10:38am PDT

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