Australian Wellness Blogger Who Lied About Terminal Brain Cancer Diagnosis Slapped With $322,000 Fine

belle gibson fined for lying about cancer

If you lie big, you’ll have to pay big.

Australian wellness blogger and author Belle Gibson learned this truth the hard way as she has been hit with a $322,000 fine for lying about a cancer diagnosis. Miz Gibson was slapped with the misleading conduct fine after she launched a brand based off claims that she cured her terminal brain cancer with nutrition and alternative treatments.

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After launching a mobile app and a cookbook based on her fib, Belle admitted in 2015 that her claims were completely fabricated. Not to mention, the scammer initially vowed to donate the $330,000 she earned to a charity, yet never did. So awful.

Thursday’s penalty ruling comes six months after Belle was found guilty on five counts of violating consumer law. During the March ruling, a judge did note that Gibson may’ve “genuinely” believed her tale and could’ve been under “delusions” about the state of her health.

Nonetheless, Justice Debbie Mortimer called out the fake wellness expert for targeting certain vulnerable groups for financial gain. It sounds like justice has been served in this instance.

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Sep 29, 2017 10:37am PDT

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