Model Posts About The Risks Of Eye Tattoos After Botched Procedure Leaves Her Partially Blind! See The Gross Photos!

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A 24-year-old model wanted to look unique — so, she got a tattoo on her eye. Now, Catt Gallinger might not be able to look through her eye at all thanks to complications from a botched procedure.

Three weeks ago, the Ottawa, Ontario resident received a tattoo that colors the white part of the human eye, or the sclera. But when her eye was swollen shut the next morning, Gallinger realized she made a terrible mistake.

Due to what she describes as a mixture of “undiluted ink, over injection, and not enough/smaller injections sights,” the ink-enthusiast’s eye had become infected.

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Gallinger has been taking steroid drops and antibiotics for the past three weeks, but doctors say it’s still unlikely she’ll regain full vision in her inked eye.

Taking to Facebook, Gallinger warned others about the dangers of getting a scleral tattoo (not many were shocked), revealing her own eye would “either go completely or stay a blurry mess,” cautioning:

“I would never recommend anyone do this. I would never recommend that this is a good decision.”

Well… yeah.

To drive her message home, Gallinger shared unsightly images of her new purple peeper — and let’s just say we’re glad she can’t read the scathing comments. See her full post (below):

[Image via Facebook.]

Sep 29, 2017 3:43pm PST

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