Hugh Hefner’s Fatal Decline In Health Caused By Debilitating Back Infection

hugh hefner decline in health

Hugh Hefner‘s decline in health started about two years ago.

According to reports, the Playboy founder first started dealing with back issues back in the ’80s, but things took a serious turn a couple years ago when he got an infection. How awful.

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It’s said the infection caused debilitating back pain and made it so that Hef could barely walk without assistance. He was also often bedridden due to the pain.

Thus, the media mogul’s public appearances became a rare occurrence. In fact, one of Hugh’s last appearances was in May 2016, when he announced that Eugena Washington was Playmate of the Year.

Reportedly, Hefner’s weakened immune system made the bug he caught a couple of weeks ago a fatal one. Oof.

Although Crystal Hefner‘s husband only contracted a mild illness, his immune system simply couldn’t fight it off. Sadly, the magazine pioneer’s family and friends knew the sickness would be too much for him. This explains why his loved ones were prepared for his passing.

As you’ve likely heard, Hef was surrounded by his sons (Marston and Cooper Hefner), his daughter (Christie Hefner), and second wife (Kimberley Conrad) at the time of his death. Rest in peace, Hef.

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Sep 29, 2017 8:09am PDT

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