Does O.J. Simpson Have Millions Of Dollars Hidden From The Brown & Goldman Families??

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O.J. Simpson owes millions to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Despite being found not guilty of the double murder in criminal court, the civil jury ruled he was liable for their deaths and owed 33.5 million — which The Juice has never paid.

Attorney David Cook, representing Ron’s father Fred Goldman, says the amount O.J. owes has swelled “in excess of $100 million” after years of interest — and he’s not through seeking it out.

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But isn’t O.J. broke?

Not according to evidence from recently surfaced recordings…

DailyMailTV got ahold of a tape of sports memorabilia collectors Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley, reportedly speaking right after the Las Vegas robbery for which O.J. has just been paroled after serving nine years.

Fromong is angry as hell in the NSFW audio, yelling:

“Nobody puts a gun in my fucking face. I stood up for the motherfucker while he was in jail, I stood up for him in the press, I stood up for him on the stand. I helped him set up his fucking offshore accounts. Don’t fuck with me. It’s not over. It’s not fucking over.”

It’s that bit about the offshore bank accounts that has lawyers concerned.

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See, if he really does have accounts in the Caymans or the British Virgin Islands, he’s never told Cook about them; it would seem he’s been hiding all that money so he doesn’t have to pay:

“We’ve heard about that over the years and I have asked OJ about his assets and he didn’t disclose any offshore bank accounts, but that doesn’t mean anything… Mr. Simpson has made it very clear that he will not work for Fred Goldman, he has no interest in compensating Mr. Goldman, he is in a state of complete denial, which is a continuing affront to all justice.”

It seems strange to us O.J. would rob anyone when he has all that money, but then made it clear in his parole hearing he didn’t really consider it robbery.

If it is true, it’s yet another crime Simpson could end up paying for down the line:

“If he did set up those offshore bank accounts and he didn’t report them to the federal government on his tax returns then he will be convicted of tax fraud of epic proportions.”

Cook won’t stop looking.

But how would they even find the supposed accounts?

“Money offshore only has value if you have access to it, so frequently what you do is trace the money upstream. How’s he paying for his utilities, how’s he paying for his credit cards, so you end up tracking the money. We can subpoena utility companies for their records.”

What do YOU think? Does O.J. secretly have cash stashed away??

[Image via Nevada Department of Corrections.]

Sep 29, 2017 8:02pm PDT

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