Donald Trump Continues To Prove He’s An Awful Leader — STILL Griping At Puerto Rico And Teasing North Korea

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Talk about leading from behind.

Donald Trump completely under-cut his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, this morning by blowing back against a claim that Tillerson made earlier this week on American diplomats being in contact with North Korean officials to avoid nuclear war.

And in exactly two tweets, Trump betrayed his worldview on this issue: he’s ready for nuclear war.

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Fuck, man.

Here’s what he said about North Korea (below):


Why would you go against your own Secretary of State like that — and why even HAVE him as your Secretary of State if you’re not going to listen to his ideas for, you know, avoiding global conflict and solving things through diplomatic means?!

What a bad leader!!!

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But don’t worry — Trump didn’t just save his incompetence for North Korea. Here he is on Puerto Rico, STILL railing against people who have criticized him days after he first griped about it late this week (below):


Seriously. It’s shameful.

Will Trump defenders ever wake up?

Trump sure won’t. He’s old. He will not be different. Ever. This is who he is: a profoundly shitty person.

Oct 1, 2017 5:57pm PDT

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