Donald Trump Claims Gun Law Conversations Will Be Addressed ‘As Time Goes By’ — While Steve Bannon Reveals POTUS’s True Stance Following Vegas Shooting

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Donald Trump could use many words to describe the devastating Las Vegas shooting. He has decided to go with “miracle.”

The gun control debate is once again dominating political conversation in the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, which has claimed the lives of 59 people so far.

While lawmakers are being called on to take action, the president is adamant that the White House will, in fact, be deliberating new gun laws… eventually.

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As he and Melania Trump were about to board a helicopter for San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they were set to visit following the damage from Hurricane Maria, POTUS said his administration would “be talking about gun laws as time goes by.”

But as for now, Trump is focusing on the silver lining of the mass tragedy — the quick response from Las Vegas police:

“What happened in Las Vegas is in many ways a miracle. The police department has done such an incredible job. I do have to say how quickly the police department was able to get in was very much a miracle. They have done an amazing job.”

Of course, props to police for preventing even more deaths — they are true miracle workers — but does Trump realize he has the power to work miracles by calling on his GOP goons to make stricter gun laws?

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Yup, he totally does — and doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. The president did not make any indication that the administration was looking into specific steps.

On the contrary, former chief strategist Steve Bannon warned that Trump budging his stance on gun control would be catastrophic. When Axios asked what would happen if Trump moved to the left on gun legislation, the Breitbart News head texted:

“Impossible: will be the end of everything.”

Um… like the end of mass shootings? Sounds like dramatic Bannon has still got Trump paranoid about them evil globalists.

Sadly, it looks like this won’t be the massacre that breaks the Republicans’ back.

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Oct 3, 2017 10:50am PDT

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