WTF?! Steve Scalise Says Las Vegas & His Own Shooting ‘Fortified’ His Position That More Guns = More Safety!

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While regular people and country musicians are looking at the 59 dead and 527 wounded in the Las Vegas shooting and changing their minds about sensible gun control, a surprise voice is standing firm.

Representative Steve Scalise, who was shot last June when a deranged Bernie Sanders-supporting gun owner opened fire on a GOP baseball practice, says Vegas and his own experiences did not dissuade him from his view that we’d be safer with more guns.

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In an interview on Fox News Tuesday night, the House Majority Whip says these tragic events “fortified” his position.


Rather than explain that position, he immediately gets off track, talking about why no one should be talking about gun control:

“First of all you’ve gotta recognize that when there is a tragedy like this, the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and do whatever we can to help them, to hep law enforcement.”

Um, isn’t that what stricter, more sensible gun regulations would do? Help law enforcement?

Maybe Steve has never heard the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

He continues:

“We shouldn’t first be promoting our political agenda.”

This isn’t some political agenda. It isn’t a game. We don’t have an irrational dislike of guns and lie in wait to to take advantage of mass shootings as an excuse.

When we have to see a tragedy like this, we recognize some ways in which we can make it more difficult for the NEXT one.

We aren’t making it political, we just want to see fewer lives in danger.

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Scalise then jumped to the argument that more guns are actually safer, like when he was shot (totally disregarding the fact the people with their own guns at his shooting were Capitol Police, not random civilians). He concludes:

“People use guns WAY MORE to defend themselves from criminals than criminals using guns to hurt people.”

We honestly don’t know if he’s lying or if he actually believes that nonsensical statement.

But here are some numbers for Steve, of 2012, a year recently studied by the Violence Policy Center.

In that year, the total number of gun deaths ruled as justifiable homicides, in which a gun owner shot a criminal in self defense, was 259.

The number of criminal homicides using a gun? 8,342.

We aren’t great at math, but we do know for certain that 259 is not WAY MORE than 8,342. In fact, we have a calculator on our phone that tells us it’s about 3%.

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What one could say is that WAY MORE gun owners and their loved ones are killed by their guns accidentally than use guns to defend themselves. According to the FBI, in 2012, there were 548 fatal unintentional shootings. That’s over twice the number of self defense shootings.

We can’t believe he didn’t do any of this research. It’s almost like he had the conclusion in mind first then just said things to justify it.

Watch him just say things to justify it (below):

[Image via FoxNews/Twitter.]

Oct 4, 2017 2:34pm PDT

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