Sex And The City‘s Evan Handler AKA Harry Calls BS On Kim Cattrall’s Interview With Piers Morgan!

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Now Harry is speaking out??

As we reported, during an interview with Piers Morgan, Kim Cattrall denies reports she dropped out of a third Sex and the City movie because Warner Bros. wouldn’t meet her demands.

Previously, she wrote on Twitter that she said ‘no’ to the trilogy back in 2016.

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On Wednesday, Evan Handler — who played Charlotte’s husband Harry — went on Facebook and says he was told a “third movie was definitely happening” two to three months ago. Less than three ways later, the movie was dead.

The 56-year-old confessed:

“I’d assumed that this, like everything surrounding Sex and the City, was something I wasn’t supposed to talk about. But now it seems that others are. So, yes… I was suddenly contacted, just two or three months ago, and told that a third movie was definitely happening. I was astonished, but delighted. Then, less than three weeks later, that ‘they are pulling the plug,’ and it was not to be.”‘

According to a People source, Catrall “was negotiating as recently as this summer,” and was the one who “killed the movie.”

Handler goes on to SLAM Piers for spreading “lies and falsehoods,” and tells his followers to be “cautious” about anything he says.

“Suddenly the story seems to be everywhere. You can reach your own conclusions. But I will say this: Piers Morgan is a nasty, Trump-supporting, fake-news-distributing purveyor of lies and falsehoods that I argued openly with about far more serious matters months before his recent interview pushed this story into view. So, I’d be cautious about buying into whatever’s being sold on his show.


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Oct 5, 2017 10:53pm PDT

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