Las Vegas Shooter’s Younger Brother Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest

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There still might not be any evidence explaining what drove Stephen Paddock to commit domestic terrorism, but he’s far from the only Paddock wanted by authorities.

TMZ reports that the Las Vegas shooter’s younger brother Bruce Paddock has a warrant out for his arrest that stems one of his laundry list of violations.

As we reported, the 57-year-old has been booked for criminal threats, arson, petty theft, burglary, marijuana, driving on a suspended license, and contempt — however, an unresolved vandalism misdemeanor still makes Bruce a wanted man in L.A. County.

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After busting up a moving company’s property in 2014, Bruce reportedly pled no contest and got 150 hours of community service, but kept trying to get the sentence reduced. When he failed to show for a 2016 court date, the judge issued the bench warrant.

While it’s unlikely cops are actively seeking him, even a routine traffic stop could end with Bruce in jail — especially now that his brother is considered the biggest criminal in the country.

It’s worth mentioning that Stephen’s father was also a wanted man; the notorious bank robber was on the FBI‘s Most Wanted List in the late ’60s.

Still, none of this explains what triggered the mass shooting on Sunday — Stephen’s loved ones have described him as a simple, quiet, caring man with no criminal record.

Hopefully, more details emerge soon.

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Oct 5, 2017 10:16am PDT

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