Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Apologizes For Sexist Remark!

cam newton apology

Once the endorsements started going, we knew an apology was coming!

As you may’ve heard, Cam Newton was put on blast for being sexist after he made a dismissive remark to the Charlotte Observer‘s female sports writer, named Jourdan Rodrigue. Smh.

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Specifically, during Wednesday’s press conference, the Carolina Panthers star was taken aback when Miz Rodrigue asked an insightful question about the team’s passing strategy. After hearing Jourdan’s question, Newton responded with:

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

So rude. And countless others agree with us as the football stud was DRAGGED online for his behavior. This controversy caused the NFL quarterback to lose Dannon‘s Oikos Greek yogurt as an endorser AND Gatorade publicly denounced Cam’s remarks as “objectionable” and “disrespectful.”

Not to mention, the NFL called Newton’s comments “just plain wrong and disrespectful to the exceptional female reporters and all journalists who cover [the] league.”

In order to diffuse the ongoing controversy, Newton took to Twitter and shared the following apology video:

Hopefully, this QB has learned something from this experience.

What do YOU think?? Is Cam’s apology sincere??

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Oct 6, 2017 8:08am PDT

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