More Sex And The City 3 Drama! Kim Cattrall Was Supposedly Upset Her Character Kept Getting ‘Humiliating’ Storylines!

kim cattrall killed satc3 heres why

At this point, we all know Sex and the City 3 is dead and that the film’s leads are in a feud over it.

However, it appears there is some dispute over why exactly Kim Cattrall killed the highly anticipated flick. According to multiple sources, Cattrall’s diva demands forced Warner Brothers to pull the plug on the project.

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In fact, one insider told People:

“[Kim] was dragging her feet all summer and cast and crew members had put their lives on hold to get ready to shoot the movie. Then when she made outrageous demands, the studio had enough and pulled the plug. Her demand for them to buy her films in development and to give her a TV deal are what broke the camel’s back for them.”

Eek! Another tipster echoed this sentiment by simply calling Kim “a demanding diva.”

Nonetheless, a third source is standing by the 61-year-old industry vet as they’ve since revealed that Cattrall had issues with the project because she wanted her character, PR maven Samantha Jones, to be treated better. Ooh, go on!

The confidant close to the project spilled:

“She was willing to have a conversation, but she needed to hear something she hasn’t heard before ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ namely, that they would treat her character with some dignity and respect ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and they wouldn’t even engage in that sort of discussion.”

Apparently, Kim was annoyed that her role had “one humiliating plot line after another.” In case you forgot, in the big screen adaptations of the HBO hit, Cattrall’s two plot lines had her gaining weight in an attempt to not cheat on a boyfriend and the effects menopause.

This explains why Kim initially denied that she ever considered bringing Samantha Jones back to the big screen.

The third source continued:

“And yet she never wanted to derail things and she’s never demanded story approval and she’s never tried to meddle with what the screenwriters and show creators thought was best.”

Hmmmm, very inneresting. Of course, money also played a big factor in negotiations. Per the Cattrall advocate, only Sarah Jessica Parker and series creator Michael Patrick King were producers on the show and movies. They noted:

“Kim’s not the only one who got left out of a lot of money to be earned back when the show was on the air. Let’s just say unless you had had a first, middle and last name listed in the credits, you were not seeing any SATC money beyond your episode salary.”

Well, damn.

Still, despite the many “she said/she said” reports, we may never know what EXACTLY killed SATC3. *Sigh*

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Oct 6, 2017 8:53am PDT

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