Lionel Richie Thinks Scott Disick Is The ‘Worst Person’ For Sofia Richie To Date!

Lionel Richie is one worried dad!

Lionel Richie just wants the best for his daughter Sofia Richie, and it sounds like Scott Disick isn’t it!

As we previously reported, the new American Idol judge revealed he’s “scared to death” over the two dating, but still kept his cool considering his 19-year-old offspring is seeing a 34-year-old.

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Sounds like he’s a lot more worried than he’s coming off though, as a People source divulged more of the singer’s feelings about Sofia and Scott’s new relationship:

“He thinks Scott is the worst person she could ever see and that he raised her better than that.”

Yikes! No wonder Lionel isn’t too excited about the pair being together:

“He thinks she should have more respect for herself as a young woman. Lionel knows Scott’s playboy ways and he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt.”

And the dad-of-three may be right, as the insider continued:

“Sofia is much more invested in the relationship than Scott. Scott isn’t treating this as a long-term relationship whatsoever. He is just having fun. Sofia wanted commitment from him, so he committed to be her ├óΓé¼╦£boyfriend.'”

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian isn’t totally out of the picture:

“He still has Kourtney at the top of his mind all the time, and he is still texting and flirting with other girls. Sofia is very young and naive and doesn’t know what she’s in for. She feels like she’s in the in-crowd right now and loves that Scott has swagger and money and that he loves to travel and party.”

The two only went public in September, so time will tell, right??

[Image via Andres Otero/Judy Eddy/Derrick Salters/WENN.]

Oct 6, 2017 9:43am PDT

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