Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of A TV Reporter, ‘Ejaculated Into A Nearby Potted Plant’

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The hits just keep on coming…

Harvey Weinstein, who is in the middle of a very fast-growing scandal of sexual harassment and generally disgusting behavior towards women, now must account for another bomb that just fell: an accusation that, about a decade ago, he sexually harassed and masturbated in front of a TV anchor.

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Lauren Sivan, who was working in TV at the time the incident happened about a decade ago, came forward with a story that Weinstein cornered her in the kitchen of a restaurant where he was an investor, exposed himself, and masturbated in front of her.

WTF, Harvey?! Despicable!!!

According to Sivan, the incident took place at Cafe Socialista, a Cuban-themed club and restaurant that Weinstein had invested in at the time.

He allegedly took Sivan into the kitchen, dismissed two of his staffers from the room, and tried to kiss her.

When she pulled away and said she was in a relationship, Weinstein stepped back and said:

“Well, can you just stand there and shut up.”

…at which point, he blocked her exit from the kitchen and proceeded to whip his dick out. He then decided to masturbate, and ejaculate “into a nearby potted plant.”

What. The. Fuck.

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Weinstein apparently tried to call Sivan the next day to set something up, but she declined and he never reached out to her again.

Scary, disgusting, awful stuff from a very powerful Hollywood producer.

Just sick, sick, sick — and unacceptable!!!

Sivan has been confirming the story and relaying why she didn’t come forward earlier, too (below):

So scary for her — and so disgusting and unacceptable for Weinstein.


[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Brian To/WENN.]

Oct 7, 2017 10:51am PST

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