Do You Miss Kit Harington?! Watch The Gunpowder Trailer HERE!!

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan that’s missing Kit Harington??

Need your fix?! Boy, do we have something for you!!

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Newly released today, you can ch-ch-check out the trailer to Gunpowder (above) to see Harington featured VERY prominently in the new series set to debut soon on BBC One!!! Incredible!!

It’s a limited series that doesn’t yet have a firm air date, but judging by the looks of that trailer, it’s sure to be intense, and VERY well done!!

What do you think?! Pretty good, right??

Oh, and if you want more Kit Harington, you can get it (below) in another newly-released clip of his, this one published Saturday from The Jonathan Ross Show:


Love it!!!

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Let us know all your thoughts and comments (below)!!!

Oct 8, 2017 5:10pm PST

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